For the lack of updates. I've been out of town and we're in crunch time for the big day. So we've been a little preoccupied. But I'll try to do better this week.

A little recap of the past few days ...

Last Tuesday ... Allen & Delancey. Awesome. I had the finest pork belly I've had in ... well, forever. Meena had a halibut that was just about perfect. Dan had some duck and Steve had a risotto. Pretty outstanding.

Can't remember Wednesday. Sorry!

Thursday I ate at Gage in Chicago. I had an antelope tartare and an heirloom pork chop. The tartare was sorta nuts. Had a raw quail egg, some awesome mustard and some other stuff. The chop was quite nice. I enjoyed it all.

Friday I was back in NY and Meena and I had come Cube 63 delivery. Just what the Dr. ordered after a longish flight back from the Windy City.

Saturday night we had Lucali with James and D. So awesome we were finally able to get there with them. We had a basil pie and another with shallot and hot pepper. Awesome pizza and fantastic company at one of the best spots in our hood in my humble opinion.

Sunday night was pretty much all planning all the time so we just called in some Zaytoons. Weird toon's night. My shish kebab sandwich was really messy and I found a cherry tomato in it. Sorta odd. The Zaytoons mix was a little lacking but I did get a bunch of peppers. So that was cool. Meena's chicken shawarma sandwich was equally messy. Not sure what was going on tonight.

So anyway, I'll try to be better here over the next couple weeks. Because soon we'll be off to Thailand and we'll be without updates for a minute. Maybe I'll have a guest blogger for the time we're out. Dan and Steve? D and James? Any takers?

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