Friday night was VERY welcome and with a duo of bachelor and bachelorette parties the following day, we were perfectly happy to stay home and chill. Meena wasn’t feeling so hot anyway, so it was probably for the better that we got some movies and called in Joya.

I wasn’t super hungry and wanted to save my belly for the following night’s festivities, so I kept it weird with a few small bites. Meena went with the standard fare. She had:
- chicken pad thai (sorta spicy)
- thai spring rolls

Alec ordered:
- thai house salad with peanut sauce
- tom yum koong
- summer rolls

I say ordered because those summer rolls I was looking for never showed up. We got this weird bizarro tom yum soup with chicken an coconut milk. It was really similar in regard to ingredients, it just had coconut milk to make it a bit sweet and super rich.

I wasn’t looking forward to it but you know what? It was actually awesome. I couldn’t eat the whole thing, but it was surprisingly very good. For not liking creamy stuff, I really dove into this one.

The salad was also awesome. The tofu sliced to look like chicken was a nice touch. Everything else was awesome. Another nice night with Joya!

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