Ahhhhh. The long weekend. Perhaps the greatest thing in the working world. One extra day to just kick up your feet and maybe actually get to some of those chores you never really intended to do when you only had 2 days of relaxation.

This particular weekend was awfully cold so we tried to stick around the house as much as we could. It didn't always work, but we tried.

Friday we had some nice delivery from Bombay Dream. Pretty good. I don't think they're any Baluchi's ... but we'll get down with them again.
Saturday morning Meena made a wonderful bit of breakfast from her left over chicken tikka masala. Couple eggs, some rice, naan and chicken. Delicious.

Saturday night we spent some time with Grant and Sara wandering Little Italy and Chinatown trying to help those who needed a place to sleep or get a meal. We didn't find anyone ... which was probably a good thing. After that, we went on over to Dan and Steveo's to make some dinner. We opted not for the salmon we'd planned and went with an espresso and black bean chili instead. Recipe here, FYI. I added veggie crumbles and it was much better for it in my opinion. Just saying.

Sunday I made a bit of breakfast with some eggs, goat cheese and panko. Some onions too, maybe. I can't remember. But it wasn't bad. A little bland. But not bad. Could have used some more salt, probably.

Sunday afternoon we made it to Grimaldi's for a pie. I gotta say ... not as impressed as I expected to be. It was good. No doubt. But Lucali still wears the crown in my mind.

Sunday and Monday night? You guessed it, left over chili. I made about 84 gallons for Dan and Steve and we came home with a bit of it. And it only gets better as the days go by. Chili is just one of those things.

Anyway, it was a great weekend. Thank goodness for it.

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