I know any frequent reader has seen enough pizzettas to last them a lifetime, but they're just sooooooooo good. And easy. And they are a relatively clean option. I mean, I just use a knife, a skillet and chopping block. Things in the kitchen are typically put away and clean by the time we sit down to eat. I feel like stuff tastes better when you know there aren't any major dishes waiting for you when everything is complete.


Last night we just continued on our path of cleaning up all available leftovers from the souper boule and started throwing together bbq and tortillas and love. Here's the full breakdown of what we used:
- flour tortilla
- slow roasted pork butt bbq
- marinara
- mozzarella
- green onion
- sweet onion (with chili powder and sea salt)
- black pepper
- mixed field greens
- hot peri peri sauce

There was one that also got a touch of Meena's bleu cheese dip. Just a dollop because that was all that remained, but I felt it was worth noting.

Everything was delicious. The sweet of the bbq went very well with the saltiness of the cheese and peri peri sauce. Each bite was stuffed with flavor. A crisp little flour shell packed with pork, cheese, onion and sauce. I mean ... these are going going be around forever. They're a staple in our kitchen. That's just a fact.


Su-Lin said...

Oohh, now I feel like making some slow-cooker pulled pork...just so I can use the leftovers like you have! I am so easily influenced.

alec said...

oh, Su-Lin, I highly recommend it! Thanks for the nice comment!