That's one of my more straightforward titles, but hey ... that's what I had last night. I guess I'm just calling this one as I see it. Nothing too fancy. Just a quick meal I made for myself after a long day at the office. Meena was at the opening of some movie about shopping (she said it's what you'd expect), but I was able to keep a bit of this back for her.

I threw the following in the pan:
- white onion
- green onion
- olive oil
- garlic
- sea salt
- chili powder
- black pepper
- marinara
- water
- red wine vinegar
- salmon
- sambal oelek
- frozen peas
- shrimp
- brown rice

My shrimp was frozen so I just threw it in at the very end to coat and warm it through. I hate when shrimp get all ... shrimpy and overcooked. So they were the final ingredient. But I loved the way the salmon sorta melted into the gumbo and gave the whole thing a nice seafood flavor. The brown rice clung to the sauce and each bite was pulsing with tomato, spice and hints of smooth salmon.

Pretty awesome. This is another one of those 30 minute meals. Just chop a few things and get some rice on the stove and when it's all done, mix. And serve.

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