Meena had a schmooze fest to attend last night and I had a class so when we both rolled in well past 9:00 in the evening, it seemed natural to just call something in. I considered cereal for a minute but Meena felt Zaytoons would be a much better idea.

She was right.

It's almost not even worth me telling you what we ordered. We order the same thing every time. We don't even discuss it anymore. We just say ... "Zaytoons? Zaytoons. OK, I'll call."

There's no question what we'll order.

But for the sake of documentation, I'll just say ... shawarma sandwich + shish kebab sandwich + zaytoons mix.

There. It hath been documented.

My shish was a little off last night. Not sure if the recession is hitting the good folks at Zaytoons (I can't imagine how it WOULDN'T), but the lamb seemed like less than choice last night. I got a few tougher cuts. But ... whatever. It was still seasoned and cooked well ... just not the top quality ingredients I typically pull in from these dudes.

On the other hand, the zaytoons mix was on point. Spicy and inclusive of all three members of the holy trinity in fairly equal parts. That's a huge win in my book.

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