I had class again last night so I didn't roll up on Brooklyn until about 9:45. Bummer. But when I got there, I was delighted to find my lovely wife waiting with a whole host of treats. Too many treats! She often has eyes bigger than her appetite and last night was no different. I love that though and I love the bits of leftovers I'll be able to pick through today!

Anyway, Meena called in a few things from Zaytoons. Highlights included:
- lahambajin pitza
- shrimp pitza
- appetizer sampler (hummus, grape leaves, zaytoons mix, cucumber yogurt and turkish salad)

Oh boy. There was no way we were getting through those pitzas. Just too much. Meena wasn't a fan of the lahambajin, but I enjoyed the few bites I had. The shrimp was more to her liking. I was on board with it but I didn't LOVE it. Good not great.

The sampler was rad. The cucumber yogurt was surprisingly even better as delivery than when I've had it there. Everything was good in the sampler, actually. My pita was dried out a little, but that was only because I probably got home 2 hours after it was first delivered. MY BAD.

I think we might do a hanger steak tonight. One last cooking excursion before we head out west to see Laura!

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