Monday night was bad. And the reasons that made it bad are lame at best. I readily admit this. But after a delayed train that put me back in Brooklyn well after 10:00 p.m., I just wanted to watch some TV and chill. Alas, LOST and 24 were not to be this Monday evening and I went to bed pleasantly full from some lovely Thai but decidedly unsatisfied due to entertainment malnourishment.

It wasn't that serious. I'm just being sensational. Anyway.

When I finally got home, Meena had ordered me some delicious Thai from a place called Teeda. Not sure what made her go in this direction, but she brought in:
- chicken shumai
- tom yum koong
- grilled beef salad

So Teeda was OK. I did get home way after it was actually "fresh" which is likely the cause of some quality loss. But I'm not sure the tom yum koong was very good at any point in its lifespan. The chicken shumai meatball things were sorta nice but maybe too large? I can't believe I'm saying that but it's probably true. The standout was the beef salad. Like my pork salad from Joya ... but dare I say better?!? I dare.

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