It's been such a long week. So many things to do at work. I really wanted to cook. I really did. But it was not to be. Man, I'm sorry.

Last night Meena called in some Bombay Dream because ... we hadn't in a while. Why not?

Meena had:
- fish pakora
- chicken tiki masala

Alec had:
- lamb vindaloo
- chiken tika

I think we've mentioned this before but Bombay Dream is no Baluchi's. And that's fine. I just wanted to put them on the Indian scale. Baluchi's is a 9-ish. Bombay Dream is probably a 7-ish. Maybe 7.5-ish. It's good. Not great, but pretty darn good on a stressed out Thursday night.

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vixjo said...

No shame! (we ordered Indian last night too -- I don't know how to say "hit the spot like a champ" in hindi, but if I did, I would.)