We’re becoming more and more savvy with this pizza business and I feel like this one might have been our best yet.  You heard me.  BEST. YET.

I think the time spend in the oven at 500 degrees was the real kicker here.  I went a little beyond what I would normally attempt after giving the  undressed crust a bit of heat prior to topping addition. 

Anyway, it was a great effort.  Here’s what we used:

- pizza dough

- balsamic chicken

- buffalo chicken sausage

- mushrooms

- red onion

- olive oil

- sea salt

- black pepper

- mozzarella

- chives

Pretty similar to the one we had on Saturday … but WAY better.  We probably need to find some new toppings, but … man.  I’m liking this.


Meena also whipped together a salad with the following:

- red onion

- dressing (canola, garlic, sea salt, pepper and rice vinegar)

- salami

- bleu cheese


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