We had a fairly healthy portion of salmon burger mix left over from the previous evening so we figured salmon meatballs were in order. When life gives you burger mix, make meatballs, right? That's what I'd always heard. Anyway.

I mixed up the little meatballs and threw them in the oven at 500. While they were firming up, I threw some veg in a pan:
- white onion
- spinach
- garlic
- red wine vinegar
- sea salt
- black pepper

I threw the meatballs over that mix and added a bit of marinara to the top. Right before we dined, I added a spot of sriracha and some black pepper. Nice.

It wasn't incredibly filling, but it was pretty delicious. This mix really was better as meatballs. For whatever reason, they were a bit more firm this time? I guess a little time in the fridge helped? Unclear. But they were delicious and the vinegar laced veggies gave the slightly sweet, slightly salmoney meatballs a nice partner in crime. And that sriarcha heat went well with the acidic tomato sauce. Success!

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Charlotte said...

Nice! Happy holidays to everyone!