Folks, we just ate the best salad we've ever created in this kitchen. I know it's become a bit of a trend in this house to make these overstuffed dinner salads, but this one was just the best. I promise.

We started with a bit of the beef tenderloin we'd had in the freezer. We thawed a steak and coated both sides with blackening spice. We gave both sides a hit on the skillet before finishing in the oven while we prepared everything else.

In a bowl we threw together:
- mixed greens
- tomato
- bleu cheese
- white onion
- avocado
- dressing (canola oil, garlic, rice vinegar, sea salt, black pepper)
- toasted whole-wheat tortilla
- prosciutto

SUCCESS! That spicy, tender steak, while minimal in size, was just exploding with flavor. It was spicy and just perfectly bitter. What you'd expect from blackened tenderloin, I'd say.

And all the other ingredients really reacted well to Meena's dressing. They were all enhanced and showed the best side of themselves when mixed through our salad bowls.

Fantastic - we'll definitely follow this recipe again - I have a feeling I'm going to crave it.

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