I know what you’re thinking – delivery two nights in a row? You lazy schmucks must feel really ashamed. Yeah … not so much. We’ll cook tomorrow, OK? Get off our case. We’re having people over and I’ll make a damn spread fit for a king. BELIEVE.

Anyway, tonight we went for Hiro delivery. It’s pretty solid and Meena has a usual order. I actually switched it up tonight to magnificent results.

Meena did the:
- shrimp shumai
- chicken tempura roll
- spicy tuna crunch roll

Alec switched up the usual with:
- miso soup
- maki combo A (I usually do combo B, fyi) featuring spicy salmon roll, california roll and tekka

Now again, I know what you’re thinking … cheesy combo roll dinner, Alec. Well, I’m not ashamed. I was hungry! AND it was pretty good. Combo B has a yellowtail and scallion roll, but I must say, this spicy salmon was much better. Not the chopped up bits of salmon spicy roll crap … this is just a solid piece of salmon and a bit of the old heat. The only bad thing about Hiro is that they never bring enough wasabi. I had to sub in a little red pepper sauce toward the end. Which … is fine, actually. I’ve noticed that one of the “mysterious” sauces Cube 63 uses is actually just that … standard red pepper sauce you can get at any store or bodega (that big bottle with all the asian characters on it … no clue what the real name is).

But enough about my dinner. Meena’s items were wonderful as usual. Shrimp shaumi is one of the best (surpassed only by Cube 63). Anyway … we’re going to have a little wine from the Spanish place down the street (Tinto Fino) because it’s Thursday and we can, beotch.

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claudia said...

i now officially hate you because you can order sushi to your door. and i live in an uncivilized world of pulled pork and marlboro's where fine italian dining is "olive garden" (no shit - voted best in our local paper). sigh

ok - i really don't hate you