So we bailed on the home cooked this evening and opted for one of our favorite delivery joints – Baluchi’s. Best delivery Indian in the business. We don’t really deviate much from our go-to take-out specials. Meena has her favorite and I have mine:

Meena sticks with:
- fish pakora appetizer
- tikka masala dinner

Alec needs the:
- chicken tikka appetizer
- lamb vindaloo dinner

I don't often try the pakoras, but they look nice. They’re a little tough and dry … but I think that’s the idea. The tikka masala is serious. Every Indian place on the planet serves it but theirs is the best. Believe. We’ve tried every spot on Indian row looking for better.
My chicken tikka appetizer is rad and it’s even better when they actually send all the condiments. Tonight, everything arrived.
Although it’s not pictured, the vindaloo was great. I destroyed it before I remembered to take a photo. It’s not all that beautiful though, so I’m really not denying you anything. I promise. Tonight wasn’t quite as hot as usual (normally your lips burn when you’re halfway through, fyi) but it was still really good. I only knocked back about 1/4th of my nan. At the end of the meal … I’m smelling like onions and insane full.

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