For the main course, we went with a tried and true favorite – the pizzetta. I’m not even sure that’s how it’s spelled. Whatever. It’s our go-to meal when we can’t really get into anything else. I’ve been making these things with all sorts of stuff for years and just really resurrected them here in the East Village a few months ago. You can do this thing with ANYTHING on it … but we’ve established our favorites. Tonight was no different.

- flour tortillas
- shitake mushrooms
- anchovies (from Argentina)
- sun-dried tomato pesto
- tomato sauce
- smoked gouda
- smoked mozzarella
- barbecue chicken
- caramelized onions
- dried basil

Everything was pretty solid as usual. Went with the white plates. I can’t lie … thought it would look better in a photo. I was wrong. I think it’s best to stick with the longer serving plates. Even if ours are crazy colored … it looks better. I think this pesto is pretty much done (although it has been very good) and the anchovies from Argentina will not be purchased again. I’ll stick to the tried and true favorites from Gracefully. But everything was good and I’m fat and full. Time for one more glass of Chianti and another episode of Sleeper Cell.

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