After a super long day hiking around the city and seeing all the wonderful tourist stuff this city has to offer, Grant, Sara, Meen and I decided it was in our best interest just to chill out at home and order the best Thai in the neighborhood. The place is great. We've eaten in a couple times and it's just a nice. Very authentic (from what I'm told) and the place is a family affair.

Anyway, I started with the:

- Tom Yum Koong soup

Meena went with the:

- Thai Spring Rolls

Grant, Sara and Meena had the:

- Pad Thai (the industry standard)

Alec had the:

- Nua Pad Bai Krapraw (beef with basil)

As always it was rad. We were comparing it to our favorite Thai place in Indy and although it isn't quite as good as Mrs. Fischer's Phad Thai in Indy (crazy, I know) it's some of the best we've had in the city.

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