So this was a total Meena creation. After a long weekend of entertaining and a horrific colts loss, we thought some comfort food was in order. So Meena did a nice tomato based beef stew that cooked down for a couple hours.

The ingredients were:

- carrots
- can of crushed tomatoes
- white onion
- sweet potato
- yellow potato
- dark beer (a doppelbock)
- bay leaves
- stew beef (trimmed)
- beef broth
- olive oil
- flour

So the results were very comforting. I had two bowls and took the rest for lunch the next day. Meena thought the tomato goodness was a little too strong, but I enjoyed it. Like I said, we cooked it way down, so it stayed nice and thick. I think that's the common stew killer ... too much liquid. So I thought this one was great.

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