So meena had a little sick day today and did a bang up job on the ultimate comfort food - Sloppy Joes. And no manwich crap for us. She made these from scratch and it was so much better than the can. Granted, I haven't had the canned stuff in years. But if memory serves, it was in no way shape or form as good as this stuff.

Meena used:

- ground sirloin
- tomato paste
- tomato sauce
- onion
- red bell pepper
- brown sugar
- whole wheat buns
- red wine vinegar

She did our favorite sweet potato fries with a little cajun seasoning. Auh-mazing. Lopez came by because he was working in the neighborhood this morning, so he had a couple as well. I know it was great and based on the reaction of both Lopez and Meena ... I was right.

And last but not least, that beautiful cake photo you see up there was courtesy of my wonderful friends at Wenner Media. Schramm had this thing made out in Hoboken by some fancy Italian bakery. Leave it to Alec to trash up a classy cake with a mullet wig.

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Daniel said...

OMG where was I for sloppy joe night? and BTW cake? Seriously? Where was my invite?