Meena wasn't feeling that much better this morning, so she had herself another sick day today. Thus, she ended up taking over the cooking duties again ... and again everything was amazing. She did the same amazing sweet potato fries with the cajun seasoning. They got a little crispy, but I like that. She's not a huge fan of the carbon, but I do like it quite a bit.

She also did a ham and cheese panini type thing that was sorta like a cuban without the roasted pork. It did, however have the:

- ham
- homemade mustard
- pickles
- organic wheat bread
- gruyere

It was pretty amazing. Nice and crispy with just enough spice from the mustard. She also threw in a little store bought tomato bisque just to keep it super homey ... yet refined. Anyway, I'm totally full. And it's nearly time for a new Sleeper Cell.

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