This year's Indianapolis 500 will best be remembered by a ton of delicious food at the track (giant smoked turkey legs, sandwiches, beer, cookies and chips), Dario Franchitti and plenty of rain.

We spent most of the day in Speedway, IN going to and from the car and dodging buckets of rain, so when we finally got back home, we weren't in the mood to go anywhere. Lucky for us, Mom anticipated such a mood and picked up some Puccini's Bar 20 pizza and delicious salad.

I worked at Puccini's for a time when I was home from college. It's a nice little pizza place. And the do a barbecue chicken pizza better than nearly any place I know. And their fat-free Italian dressing is awesome (TONS of garlic).

So the gang pounced on the spread with the quickness and it was all eaten up before we knew it.

No surprise, race day was awesome yet again this year.

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