After a very eventful Friday, we had a mostly uneventful Saturday in Indy. We woke up late and mostly just hung around the house until we worked up the nerve to hit the town for some groceries and stuff.

Allison was having a few friends over for dinner, so while we were out, we hit Mitchell's Fish Market for some fresh salmon. We got a lot more than we probably needed, but with a couple fresh cedar planks soaking at home, we weren't worried about anything going to waste.

Once Dad had the grill fired up, he hit those fillets with some Yucatan rub and got them smoking on the Weber.

While the fish was cooking up, Mom threw together a wonderful corn and black bean salsa that featured all sorts of stuff like red onion, cumin and fresh parsley. I didn't get a picture for some reason, but I assure you, it was delicious.

I also went ahead and threw together another round of the red onion chutney I'd been so fond of last week and I think everyone enjoyed it. I kept it a little less spicy than I had been making it and the crew seemed to enjoy the sweet and spicy flavor with the delicious planked salmon.

Wonderful meal, indeed.

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