In Indianapolis, we have this little thing called the Indianapolis 500. It's sorta a big deal. Both there and worldwide from what I'm told.

The race is a huge part of my life. I haven't missed one of those legendary Sunday afternoons since the early 1990's. It's just one of those things I wouldn't miss for the world. The cars. The atmosphere. The food. EVERYTHING.

There's also this little thing in Indianapolis called Carb Day. It's traditionally the Thursday before the race, but the powers that be got smart a few years ago and started having it on Friday. And for the last two years, I've been there with Grant, Sara and a whole host of other great friends gettin' down with some of Indy's finest.

There are more pictures than I could ever post, so I just stuck with the ones that included food. We had all sorts of burgers, sausages, chips, etc., etc. And more beer than any human being should ever consume. I don't really remember the unique flavors or tastes of anything I consumed. It was just pure consumption for the sake of it. And it was amazing.

And once we'd had our fill of beer and meat products, we got some more beer and hit the Kid Rock concert.

Simply amazing. Can't wait to do it again next year.


NOTE: I'm tall. Like ... nearly six foot three inches to be exact. But when I go home, I stand among giants. Look at these guys! They make me look like Willow!

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