It is becoming a tradition for Meena and I to find the cheap Chinese food stand at every airport we visit. I'm not sure why this trend became popular with us. Or when. But it is and we've remained pretty true to it. Last night (as you can see above) was no different.

I think this place is called Asian Bistro? It's in the US Air terminal at LGA. Please, correct me if I'm wrong. I doubt anyone is going to be offended if it's not, however. These places all serve the same food, so knowing their distinct names isn't probably necessary.

Meena had:
- sky chicken
- chicken with onions and peppers
- lo mein

Alec had:
- bourbon chicken
- chicken with string beans
- fried rice

Nothing special. Just the same. But you know, for some reason, necessary if we're about to take to the air.

Funniest part of the meal? Some guy sitting near us saw us eating and felt compelled to comment that I was eating with chopsticks and Meena was eating with a fork. Bucking stereotypes ... that's us. I just told him we're a modern couple. That seemed to satisfy him.


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