Wanna know what's great? Laura and Rudy are in town! We're really excited to have the LA crew in the NY for a couple days ... and nearly as excited about all the places we'll get to eat with them while they're here.

Last night we went Park Slope-ward and tried one of Dan and Steveo's spots - Al Di La. Strange name ... good food. I didn't have a camera handy, so all you get is the Motorola treatment. It really doesn't do the food justice ... it all looked very nice.

Alec went big with the:
- hanger steak "tagliata" with arugula

Dan and Meena both had:
- tagliatelle al ragu (homemade pasta with a meat ragu)

Rudy had:
- saltimbocca alla romana (pork loin scaloppine with sage leaves and prosciutto served with sautéed potatoes)

Laura had:
- malfatti (swiss chard and ricotta gnocchi with brown butter and sage)

Steve had a special:
- artichoke ravioli

I think everyone really enjoyed theirs. I thought mine was a standout. Rudy did too (he was soaking up my balsamic sauce with bread after I was finished). Steve really enjoyed his as well. I had a bite and I'll agree. Very smooth. Very nice special.

I think we may do Park Slope again tonight ... and maybe cook tomorrow? We (and you) will just have to check back to find out!

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