Last night we went back out to Park Slope for another bangin' dinner. Sadly, Dan had to work late on some sort of DKNY photo shoot, but we tried our best to have fun while he was away.

The weather was AMAZING, so we walked down 7th Ave. to Miracle's Brooklyn outpost. We'd had lots of luck in the West Village with Miracle, so I was stoked to see if the outpost was as good.

After some chips, salsa, guacamole and some margaritas, we got the whole dinner thing going.

Meena and Steveo had the:
- catfish tacos (with sesame slaw, smoked jalapeno tarter sauce and garnished yucca fries)

Laura and Alec had the:
- tilapia tacos (with smoked garlic cream, green salsa cruda and garnished with yucca fries)

And Rudy got all different and stuff with:
- organic chicken tamales (with salsa verde, mexican crema, cotija cheese and sautéed seasonal greens)

I was totally impressed with my tacos. Very well spiced. The final flavor of all the various elements was spectacular. And the yuca fries were good! We hate the yuca fries at Yuca Bar in our hood, so sorta expected more of the same. Miracle does a WAY better job. Still really starchy, but in the end, quite delicious.

Sliders in the East Village tonight, y'all!

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