For last night's big "welcome to the East Village" party for Rudy and Laura, we decided to do what we know best with some varied sliders. We've started to get better and better (although we're still working out kinks and trying new things) and I think everyone is really pleased with the results.

Meena started us off with a crab cake appetizer from Whole Foods. They were GIANT and pretty good, actually.

The first round of sliders was the tuna option:
- tuna steak
- green onion
- red onion
- soy sauce
- sesame oil
- smoked paprika
- panko
- egg
- avocado
- salt
- chili paste
- black pepper
- brioche

The second round was NOT Steveo friendly, but we carnivores were big fans:
- organic ground beef
- worchestershire sauce
- tomato sauce
- salt
- black pepper
- dried basil
- olive oil
- sautéed onion (with old bay seasoning)
- cheddar cheese
- homemade mustard
- homemade ketchup (tomato, garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, black pepper)
- brioche

And the third and final round (the wild card round) was a shrimp salad burger:
- rock shrimp
- garlic
- mayo
- green onion
- feta
- salt
- pepper
- arugula
- hoisin
- worchestershire sauce
- brioche

Laura summed it up best when she said they should be ranked like this:
1. tuna
2. beef
3. shrimp

We also made too many. Who knew?

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