I got really lucky last night. After we hit the Aperture gallery in Chelsea after work, we went down to my absolute favorite restaurant in the city - Ivo & Lulu. Oddly, we'd never been there with Dan and Steve and we for sure hadn't taken Rudy & Laura. So Broome and Sixth was our heaven for a few amazing hours last night.

It was (no surprise) really busy last night, so we actually ate at their little outpost next door for the first time ever. Not bad, actually. It is a little more spacious than the normal spot, so you could spread out a bit more. Very nice.

We all ate, but I'll only bore you with the details of mine and Meena's meals.

I had:
- baked pear with blue cheese and honey garlic oil
- rabbit and ginger sausages in miso and carrot sauce

Meena had the:
- smoked mussels in cilantro chili butter
- broiled chicken with goat cheese and papaya puree

Again, you're getting the motorola treatment. Didn't have a camera on hand. So in the case of the pear especially, you can't really see much up there. But it was delicious. Don't even trip. That pear was out of this world.

And normally I'm not a fan of a creamy sauce, but the miso and carrot sauce with the sausages was out of control (that's a good thing).

I think everyone really enjoyed it. Which made me happy. Because I love this place and I want everyone else to as well. Mission accomplished.

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