After taking Laura and Rudy to my favorite spot in the entire city, we thought we might as well show them our go-to joint in the neighborhood - Lil' Frankies.

The crew spent the day hanging around the LES and the East Village while I was workin' and we all managed to get a pretty major appetite going. And the big beers we all had at Zum Schneider had us even more amped for some delicious pizza and pastas.

Nearly everyone (Laura, Dan and Meena) went with the tried and true fan favorite -
- rigatoni with baby meatballs

I'm still in love with my:
- pizza marinara (NO CHEESE, SUCKA)

And Rudy went crazy with a special pizza:
- pizza with artichoke and mozzarella

Everything was amazing. As always. And after dinner, we decided to forgo the bar scene and check out the stars on our rooftop with some wine. Excellent way to finish out Rudy and Laura's last night in town.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I totally agree. Another memorable meal at Lil' Frankies. But how will I distinguish this one from the others?

Oh yeah, it was that time Rudy belched out "Atlantic" and Meena scrambled to pick up a quarter off the floor as we were leaving.