I know we say this a lot, but it was a long week, man. The jobs are bugging us out and we're just tired. So instead of just chilling around the house and making some dinner, we decided the best bet was to try a new spot in the hood and kick back with a couple drinks.

Meena's friend Rachel told us about Satsko Sake Bar on 7th between B & C and we thought it sounded perfect for a Friday night. Tiny space. Little bites. Sake.

I think what we determined is that this place is not really intended for food. The kitchen is the size of a walk in closet. Not even walk in. It's a closet. And the stuff that comes out isn't great. Not bad. But not great. We had:

- edamame (steamed salted soy beans)
- spicy tuna onigiri (spicy tuna in pressed rice wrapped in seaweed with soy sauce)
- tuna tartar (sesame flavored raw toro tuna with wasabi dressing)

The sake is what this place does best. Alec had:
- hochikubai from Berkley, California. (junmai) - very dry

Meena had:
- waka-ebisu ninja - Mie (tokubetsu Junmai) - very dry

I'm sure we'll be back. Just not for food. And next time, we're definitely getting crazy with some sake bombs.

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