Yesterday the weather was NICE. It was a beautiful day and neither of us thought it would be a good idea to simply go home and sit around. We needed to get out in the world and soak up the day's waning rays. So we did what any normal person would do and stopped by Tartine for a delicious BYOB dinner on the way home.

We never really alter our main courses, but we have been known to switch up the starters from time to time. Sadly, they didn't have our beloved Combo Combo, so we were forced to dig deeper into the list of specials. There are only five or six, so after a very brief discussion, we went with the salmon tartare.

The tartare was quite good. It was very fresh tasting despite the almost obscene amounts of powerful lime and cilantro they included. I think the Combo Combo is probably better, but I had no real complaints about this one.

For main courses, we kept with tradition. Meena had:
- sautéed chicken with fries

And I had my beloved:
- pissalidiere with anchovies and goat cheese

We also had a nice syrah that Manley's called "exceptional" in their display. We bought the hype and I must say, they weren't fabricating anything. It really was out of sight. I love syrah almost all the time, but this one was really, really good. The Shadow, it's called. Check it out.

No surprise, another wonderful meal was had at Tartine. I think it's easily one of our favorite spots in all New York. I think it always will be. As Mike Skinner says, they never "mess us about." It's always good. Always friendly. Always BYOB.


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