It's fast becoming a tradition that Meena, Dan, Steve and I have dinner and watch Lost on Wednesday nights. And I must say, I like it quite a bit. Meena and I typically aren't much for activity through the week, but this one is actually very much appreciated.

So after some delicious salmon burgers in Park Slope last week, the guys let us entertain in the East Village this week.

Now I know we just did sliders a couple nights ago, but because they were so good then, we just decided we had to go right back at it. And we were moderately curious to see how a fish version would taste.

Meena started everything off with a nice, simple salad:
- mixed greens
- cherry tomatoes
- cucumber
- parmesan
- carrots
- vidalia onion and mixed pepper dressing (from whole foods)

Then we took our first shot with tuna sliders:
- tuna steak
- egg
- panko
- sesame oil
- soy sauce
- rice vinegar
- shiitake
- seaweed
- wasabi mayo (low fat mayo and wasabi powder)
- brioche

And the good old fashioned beef sliders:
- organic ground beef
- worchestershire sauce
- olive oil
- salt
- black pepper
- cabot aged cheddar cheese
- roasted tomato spread (tomato, garlic, balsamic vinegar, salt, olive oil)
- homemade mustard
- field greens
- dill pickle

I think all options were well received. The tuna sliders were mainly for Steve and I think he enjoyed them. They were a little oversized and I would probably need to work to make them just the right thickness the next time I do them.

Meena didn't like the beef version as much as our last one, but I actually liked this one better. I felt like they were really messy on my first attempt and these were really nice and compact. I think it might have been those smoked paprika onions she really liked last time. I'm still workin'. I'll get it right!

Meena wasn't a huge fan of the dressing, but I think it was pretty good. The salad was simple, but in my opinion, just right for a starter before sliders!

Great friends. Great food ... is it the weekend yet?

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