We were thinking about hitting up Clinton Street Baking company last night to cash in the gift certificate Laura and Rudy got us (THANKS, DUDES!), but my geekdom prevented us. Last night was the 24 season finale and I had to check it. So a quick pasta was produced instead.

I liked the chutney we had on the chicken the previous night so much that I just thought I needed to work it in here somehow. So I did. And it was delicious!
- red onion chutney (red onion, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, coriander, mustard seeds, brown sugar, salt, cayenne pepper)
- canned tuna
- angel hair pasta
- kale
- shiitake mushrooms
- anchovies
- olive oil
- tomato sauce
- black sesame seeds
- romano cheese

For all the HUGE flavors in this thing, my first couple bites were oddly bland. But I think that was mostly due to my poor mixing once I incorporated the pasta. The remainder of the dish was great. Sweet, spicy, salty, delicious. And Meena really enjoyed it. So I think it was a winner. The chutney for sure. It'll find its way in to many dishes no doubt.

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