Oh man. In the last week, we've become team slider. All we make is sliders. Different kinds of delicious, wonderful sliders. In part, I blame the brioche. That buttery little baked good from Balthazar via Whole Foods got us started on this kick. And we just can't stop. We get ideas all the time and we just have to make more. More and more and more and more.

So last night, we thought we'd try the salmon slider. We'd done tuna and of course beef in a variety of ways, but salmon was the next frontier. We had all Saturday to think and shop, so these had no excuse to be anything less than the best salmon sliders we'd ever tasted. And you know what? I think they were.

Here's what we threw in there:
- salmon
- egg white
- panko
- roasted poblano pepper
- garlic
- salt
- black pepper

And then we assembled the thing with:
- brioche
- avocado
- smoked paprika onions
- chile pepper paste

In addition to the slider heaven, we also had a little starter inspired by something I saw on some blog somewhere:
- bay scallops
- salt
- black pepper
- maple cured bacon
- sweet potato
- skim milk
- cinnamon

No doubt, the sliders were out of this world. The only that suffered was the avocado. Because it wasn't quite ripe. And I'm not mother nature, so I can't be held accountable for that. But if it had just been a touch older, it would have been amazing.

The starter was really good. I enjoyed the sweet potato mash with the salty bacon and delicious seared bay scallops. All three flavors had a party in my mouth and it was insane. Meena was a little overpowered by the cinnamon in the potato mix. And that's a fair criticism. It's a powerful spice. I'll definitely do less next time. But I like really powerful flavors, so it seemed fine to me.

We also had some nice Spanish wines from Tinto Fino, our favorite neighborhood wine shop.

Saturday was awesome.

NOTE: Just wanted to say thanks to Matt Chamberlain. The photos are substantially better in the last couple posts because he lent me his camera for the weekend. I'm thinking of buying a new snapper and he has one similar to the one I'm eyeing. Thank you, Matt, for allowing our food to look its best.

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