We had a few things leftover from dinner last night, so we figured we'd whip up a quick breakfast with some of the stuff we had on hand. And we hadn't done a muffin tin madness for a very long time (in fact, maybe never on MOAP?), so if felt like a good idea. In the end, we opted for the gratin dishes rather than the muffin tin, but you get the idea.

The lavash madness featured:
- egg
- salmon slider
- roasted red pepper
- barbecue sauce
- onion
- salt
- black pepper
- lavash
- panko
- skim milk

And we threw together a little salad that included:
- shrimp
- mixed greens
- vidalia onion and mixed pepper dressing (from whole foods)
- worchestershire sauce

The gratin madness was very nice, but when you cook salmon like that, you realize how powerful the fish really is. The entire thing tasted of salmon. Which, you know ... was sorta the idea. But it was maybe a little TOO powerful. I added a little sambal oelek to mine and it was a touch better.

The salad was pretty good. The shrimp were great. I cooked them with this spice mix Meena picked up in Milwaukee. It's called "taco salad" spice mix, but I don't know, man. I wouldn't call it that. It has sesame seeds in it. It just doesn't scream taco salad for some reason. It is really good though. I'll give it that. And it made our shrimp really sing.