After a mighty trek to Dan and Steve's house yesterday afternoon (we're cursed with bad Park Slope travel luck ... it should have taken 20 minutes ... it took 45), we met up with them and their friends Jenny and Eugene and set out for the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Despite it being just a touch too cold yesterday, the place was out of sight. The cherry blossoms were spectacular and nearly everything else in the park was pristine. We got tons of photos and had a really nice time checking everything out.

After the garden, we hit one of our favorite spots in Park Slope for some burgerz and beerz at Cherry Tree. I forgot to take pictures of the food, but 2/3rds of us had the cheeseburger with some coleslaw and a pickle. Steve and Eugene both split a four-cheese pizza cooked in the bar's backyard brick oven. My burger was pretty rad, but I think I may do the pizza next time around. It looked and smelled amazing.

After Brooklyn, we found our way back to the city and decided we didn't really want to do any cooking pre-Sopranos. So we enlisted the help of our friends at Tara Thai for some snax.

Alec had:
- tom yum koong
- chicken satay

Meena had the usual:
- chicken pad thai (spicy!)

It was a wonderful Sunday. Great sights. Great friends. Tons of food and buckets of beer. No complaints here!

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