We're getting close on this whole apartment thing. I can feel it. We looked at a nice place last night but it wasn't QUITE right. It gave us a lot of hope though. I think we're closing in on a good fit. We'll be back in BoCoCa tonight looking at another spot.

So when we got home, cooking didn't feel that fun. We just thought we'd check in with Baluchi's and see if they could bring us some super delicious Indian food. Turns out, they didn't have any problem doing that.

Meena had:
- fish pakora appetizer
- tikka masala dinner

Alec picked up:
- chicken tikka appetizer
- lamb vindaloo dinner

Good Indian Delivery Checklist:
- All Condiments Arrived: CHECK
- Appetizer/Masala Wasn't All Gristle: CHECK
- Vindaloo Wasn't Too Hot To Eat: CHECK

As you can see from my helpful checklist, dinner was good.

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