I feel like the weekend just started and already it's over. I know we did a lot ... we saw Rev, looked for apartments, had brunch with Dan and Steve. So it was a nice weekend for sure. But like all weekends, Sunday night comes and you wish you had another three days of doing nothing!

For tonight's dinner, we did a little chicken number I think I saw in Bon Appetit. One of the cooking magazines I read at home, anyway. It featured:
- chicken breast
- proscuitto
- balsamic vinegar reduction
- roasted garlic marinara
- olive oil
- cajun spice mix

And we started with a simple salad that included:
- field greens
- olive oil
- cherries
- white onion
- cole slaw mix (a bunch of cabbage and carrots)
- salt
- black pepper
- balsamic vinegar reduction

All of this was really good. The chicken especially. It was incredibly simple and everything cooked very quickly. I spread some of the balsamic vinegar reduction between the proscuitto and the chicken and it gave it a nice little pop of flavor in there. I also reduced the marinara with some of that vinegar reduction and added a little cajun spice. The flavor was fantastic.

The salad wasn't bad either. Simple. The sweetness went well with the salty main course.

Anyway, I'll make this one for company. I think it was that good!


Daily Worker said...

May I suggest:


alec said...

man, it sounds wonderful. I shall try it!