This is dangerous. Look at these photos and the category tag at the bottom of the post. If you said, "Oy ... they had delicious Lil' Frankies pizza delivered to their house," you might realize just how dangerous it has become over here on 3rd Street. We always knew it was possible ... now we've experienced it and there's no turning back.

After watching a very sub par sequel to Hostel, we wandered back home with another DVD and a bottle of wine and just thought this sounded divine. We were going to get takeout (we live RIGHT around the corner ... COME AWN!), but the line was crazy and we just figured it would be easier to call.

Of course, Alec had:
- pizza marinara

And Meena went the pizza route (but stayed true to the meatballs!) with:
- pizza polpettini

I mean, I'm always partial to mine, but I tried a slice of Meena's and it was awfully delicious. Two totally different flavors. Mine is tart and spicy. Meena's was creamy and rich.

Oh boy. We're in trouble.

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