Last night was pretty amazing. We always have amazing food when Diana is manning the stove, but she really went an extra fourteen miles last night. All stops were pulled out for Ms. Meena's birthday (Williamsburg edition).

Our first bites featured James' favorite sea creature, the butter fish (otherwise known as scallops):
- scallops
- breakfast sausage
- raspberries

Our next round was a delicious quesadilla with some fantastic dip and salsa:
- smooth guacamole
- black bean and corn salsa
- homemade tortilla chips
- beef and cheese quesadilla (corn, ground beef, cheddar?)

From here on out, the wine took over and my memory of ingredients and preparation took a back seat. I just enjoyed eating. I'll have D send me the list and update this a little later.

We had some delicious "popovers" presented in wine glasses with our next round of amazing dinner - chilled pea soup with spicy shrimp. The soup also featured a wonderful salad that had some sunflower seeds. Out of this world. The soup was basically spring in a bowl. Amazing.

Chilled pea soup:
- sweet peas
- vegetable broth
- roasted garlic
- olive oil
- fresh lemon juice
- salt/pepper

Spicy shrimp:
- shrimp
- red chili paste
- lemon
- fresh mint
- olive oil

- mixed greens
- toasted sunflower seeds
- sliced carrots
- dressing: balsamic, olive oil, honey, mustard, salt, pepper

The main course was a grilled chicken (peep those grill marks, kids ... she's a pro) with a mango, black bean and cucumber salsa. The course also featured this delicious black bean sauce and some wonderful rice.

Grilled honey/chili powder rubbed chicken:
- honey
- lime juice
- pineapple juice
- chili powder mix

Mango, black bean, pineapple, cucumber salad
- mango
- black bean
- canned organic pineapple
- cucumber
- red onion
- jalapeƱo pepper

At this point, we were mad fat. But you know D had some more in store. This one was an amazing ice-cream cake with strawberries and a wonderful cookie crust.

Raspberry/pistachio pie with ameretti crust and almond praline
- raspberry sorbet
- pistachio ice cream
- amaretti cookies
- homemade almond praline
- fresh whipped cream
- raspberries
- fresh mint

We ate a ton and everything we consumed was amazing. D went so far above and beyond for Meena's birthday I can't even begin to tell you. We always have great food at their spot, but this one took the cake.

Thank you so much for a wonderful night James and Diana!

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