After an interview with our potential landlord in Cobble Hill last night, we took the train back to the city for some delicious Tara Thai. And I don't mean delivery. We went up and saw the crew in action.

I just have to say, they have the nicest waiter in all of New York City. I'm not sure what this guy's name is, but we've been going for about two years and other than the food, he's the clear highlight in this place. He's always in a good mood. Always taking great care of you. He's the best. Hands down.

Nothing new on the orders. Meena had:
- thai spring rolls
- chicken pad thai (spicy)

Alec had the:
- chicken with basil (EXTRA spicy)

Food was fantastic. We're going to miss it a ton ... because we got the apartment in COBBLE HILL! I put a pic of our street on there. You'll see a lot more of the kitchen after August 1st.

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Shauna said...

You people going to live in one place long enough for me to memorize your address? :)