We had a nice time at Nico's birthday last night and somehow managed to beat the odds by leaving only moderately intoxicated. He's notorious for making the most vodka-laden concoctions on the planet and one cup will usually have you slurring by the time you reach the bottom. At any rate, we had a ton of fun. Happy birthday to Nick.

For some reason, I jumped right out of bed this morning and went to work in the kitchen. I had a mind to bring Meena breakfast in bed, but she woke up right as I was finishing up. Not that big a deal. Our whole apartment is basically just one big bedroom, so you know ... I wasn't that far off.

Our little scramble included:
- pepper bacon
- eggs
- purple radish greens
- milk
- salt
- black pepper
- edamame vinaigrette (edamame, white wine, olive oil, salt, pepper)

I had one plus and one minus on this one. The eggs were nice and peppery and the bacon was delicious. The vinaigrette was a disaster. We tried to be thoughtful and purchased a local chardonnay yesterday at the market and it just wasn't very good. I shouldn't have used it in the sauce, but I figured, what the heck? Well. I figured wrong. It was horrible.

But like I said ... the eggs were rad. We're full. On with Sunday!

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