Yesterday, while hot and insanely muggy wasn't a bad day for wandering. If you kept it on the shady side of the street and ducked into the AC whenever the urge hit you, it wasn't impossible. So between bursts of keeping our eye on a the new apartment game, we hit up the market in Union Square.

The place was so busy it was borderline gross. But after meandering around the stalls and picking through mountains of strawberries and strange greens, we had what we needed to make a decent dinner.

We started with a very summer friendly salad that featured the best tomato I've had since last summer:
- sea scallops
- purple radish greens
- edamame
- olive oil
- salt
- black pepper
- dijon vinaigrette (dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, olive oil)

I'd make that one again for friends. From the top to the bottom, nothing wrong with that recipe at all. Perfect.

We oddly weren't just dying of hunger, so the main course was pretty small and simple.
- chicken (marinated in soy sauce, oyster sauce, hoisin, black sesame, brown sugar, garlic)
- toasted peasant bread
- olive oil
- purple radish greens
- tomato salsa (tomato, black sesame seeds, red pepper flakes, salt, black pepper)

This one was a winner, too. I might have over cooked the chicken slightly, but it wasn't that bad. They were monster-sized chicken breasts and probably should have pounded them a little before I got them in the pan. Oh well. I think it would have been better on a different plate, too. The little ovals made it hard to cut the bread.

But enough blasting myself. It was actually really good! Meena says you can't go wrong with Asian inspired flavors. And that's true. I'm sure this one will find its was back to the table again in the near future.

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