Dudes, it's hot out there. I'm not sure what the temperature really is, but it feels like a million. A million degrees and climbing.

So prior to some apartment hunting and heat induced city wandering, we thought a nice little breakfast was in order.

We didn't do anything crazy. No reason to get too inventive on a day like today. Just keep it classic with an egg, ham and cheese!
- "peasant" bread
- olive oil
- field greens
- applewood smoked ham
- egg
- swiss cheese
- tomato
- light mayo
- chile sauce
- salt
- black pepper

The sandwich was way rad. The egg wasn't quite cooked through so we had this delicious mix of salty ham, creamy egg, fresh tomato and a final pop of spice from the chile sauce. Excellent.

And to finish the whole thing off, we had some of Matt Chamberlain's green market strawberries. Matt didn't grow the things, but he got up before work yesterday and bought them. So they're his. And they were amazing. TOTALLY. The stuff in the grocery right now? Not even strawberries. Not at all. These were just ... amazing. They reminded me of the ones my grandmother grew at the farm when I was a kid. Man, they're just perfect. I'm going to go buy some more today.

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