I had a pretty awful day at the office yesterday and Meena came to the rescue with a trip to Whole Foods and some delicious ideas.

She wanted to go to Mercadito, but because I wanted to just come home and crash, she took some of their ideas home and made us a taco feast with a variety of fillings.

Filling 1:
- halibut
- panko
- egg
- cajun spice mix
- garlic powder
- salt
- pepper

Filling 2:
- shrimp
- garlic
- chicken broth
- milk
- green chiles
- adobo sauce
- sour cream

She also threw together a great little slaw:
- whole foods slaw mix (carrots, cabbage, etc.)
- lime
- pineapple
- cajun seasoning mix
- salt
- garlic powder
- adobo sauce

And she also whipped up a little sauce that included:
- tartar sauce
- adobo sauce

And the final thing she cooked up came from my Mom's Eating Well magazine. It called for throwing corn tortillas over the racks in your oven to make crispy shells. They weren't that great. I'm not sure what we did wrong. Maybe we didn't bake them long enough. But they ended up chewy. Still working on that part of the recipe.

In addition to all that stuff above, we had the traditional taco elements - guacamole, salsa, sour cream, limes.

And I nearly forgot ... we got started with a portobello crab cake from Whole Foods. Not bad!

Everything was amazing. Once we were through the taco shells, we just ate up the fillings with forks. They were so darn good. I couldn't even pick a favorite. They were equals. The halibut was so flaky and delicious. And the shrimp were garlicky and thick.

Nothing goes better with old Arrested Development episodes than Meena's taco feast.

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