Meena was having drinks with a couple girls from SELF past and present, so I was on my own for dinner last night. I made a quick trip to Whole Foods and picked up some scallops and sprouts for a re-do of last weekend's green market salad.

I got started with a bruschetta of sorts:
- grilled peasant bread
- edamame
- red onion
- tomato
- garlic
- almonds
- parmesan
- olive oil
- salt
- black pepper
- cayenne pepper
- italian flat leaf parsley
- balsamic vinegar

This wasn't bad. It honestly looked better than it tasted. I'm not sure what it was missing, but I suspect the lack of olive oil might have played a roll in it. We only had a tiny bit left in the bottle, so I just used what I could. The balsamic helped, but I'm not sure. This recipe will probably be scrapped.

As I mentioned, the next round was just a variation on last weekend's salad - only not quite as good. I tried to re-create and I just didn't have as much luck (and I feel like the ingredients were a major part of this).
- tomato
- "hot" sprouts (onion, garlic, radish)
- field greens
- sea scallops
- dijon vinaigrette
- salt
- black pepper
- sesame oil

The scallops were rad. I enjoyed them a ton. But the sprouts and the tomato weren't all that hot. Cheap sprouts. Hot house tomato. Bland as hell. Oh well. We'll just pick up the good stuff if we plan to make this again.

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