That's right. Meena made a couple dang quesadillas last night. And they were simply delicious.

She was talking a big game about how they were going to taste awful, but she was very wrong. I enjoyed every bite both last night and today for lunch (they were HUGE!).

Take one included:
- chicken
- chicken broth
- cajun seasoning
- pineapple
- sautéed onion
- Monterrey jack
- cheddar
- salt
- lavash tortilla

And the delicious second option featured:
- shrimp
- garlic
- tomato
- green chilies
- milk
- chorizo
- avocado
- salt
- garlic powder
- cajun seasoning
- lavash tortilla

Once again, Meena proves herself incredibly adept in the Mexican genre. Mucho gusto, quesadillas y gracias, Meena.

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