So it begins. We're going to be doing lots of delivery this week and we got things started with some Baluchis (they have one in BK that delivers to the new place ... this stuff is here to stay). Yesterday was rainy and miserable in NYC. And unlike most rainy and miserable days in NYC, I had to be out, trudging through it. I had a shoot on 10th Ave. and I was soaked and miserable when everything came to a close. So warm (HOT) Indian just felt right.

Meena had:
- fish pakora
- chicken tikka masala

Alec picked up:
- chicken tikka
- lamb vindaloo

Excellence. I love this stuff. And it made me feel so great last night. Yankees game on ... check. Hot Indian food with all the proper condiments ... check. Meena by my side ... check.

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Stephen said...

T-5 days til Brooklyn scores an Alecnmeena! Can't wait! steveo