After a couple days of sickness, Alec has returned to the land of the living and is eating like a champ again. The previous night, we celebrated with Dan and Steve, but I was a little under the weather, so you know. But I wanted to show Dan's beautiful watermelon and goat cheese appetizers. Wonderful!

Last night, we did some after work drinks for James since he was required to leave the building ASAP the other day. It was great fun and we got to tell everyone at work about the whole relationship progression thing. Tons of fun.

Following our drinking affair at Moda Outdoor, we worked our way downtown for some Thai at a little spot called Thai on Two. My phone was dead so you don't even get cell shots. Just the Google street view of the front. But everything was nice (with the exception of Diana's).

Matty Chaymez had some crazy curry that looked like it was drawn from Architectural Digest. I had some spicy noodles that lived up to their name. Meena kept it real with some chicken pad Thai. Diana's was bad so I'll spare you. I can't recall what James ate. Other than that it contained chicken, his dinner escapes me.

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