We went out to the new place last night to take measurements and get some keys. We're happy to report it looks fantastic. Everything is being repaired and repainted for our arrival and we couldn't be happier.

Following the little tour, we ran over to Park Slope to have some dinner with Dan and Steve at the fabled Franny's. My dad had even called me from Indy to tell me all about the delicious rumors he'd heard about Brooklyn's famed pizza joint. They say it's the best in the borough, so we decided it was time to taste it ourselves.

I'll say this ... Franny's did not disappoint.

Dan and Steve split some dishes. One of which I also ordered:
- pizza with tomato, olives, garlic and oregano

Meena had the:
- pizza with tomato, provolone piccante, anchovies and chilies

Dan and Steve's other order was the wonderful:
- ricotta gnocchi

We all finished the whole thing off with one order of:
- vanilla panna cotta with saba

Everything was truly delicious. I'd say that for a super simple pizza, I'll still give my pizza marinara at Lil' Frankies the edge, but this olive number I had was awfully delicious. Amazing crust.

Meena's pizza was wonderful. Outpaced anything we've ever had at our neighborhood joint. The anchovies and that subtle cheese? Amazing.

Now that we know this place is just steps from Dan and Steve's place ... we'll be back often.


Michael said...
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claudia said...

i am so envious. that pizza joint dinner sounded sublime.