Ugly, yes. But completely and utterly delicious. It wasn't a garbage operation at all. I went to the store and everything. I used a few leftovers, but mostly, this was a planned affair. Why didn't I make any effort to make this thing look pretty? I don't know. I guess I just didn't care this morning. I wanted taste, son!

This little number went a little somethin' like THIS:
- flour tortilla
- egg
- chipotle salsa
- sour cream
- avocado
- roasted chicken
- black pepper
- salt

This was big and delicious and completely wonderful. I loved it. Meena loved it. Now let's do this Saturday thing.

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claudia said...

looks aren't everything
i mean really...
hey, it's the weekend - it's time to kickback and enjoy. anyway - it looked great to me. perfect combo of flavors.